Bankruptcy is misunderstood. 
Everyone knows something about bankruptcy.  But usually what they "know" is wrong, often dangerously so.  You deserve unbiased information to help you decide if bankruptcy is the solution to your debt problem. 

Information; not glitz.
We built and maintain this website ourselves (you can probably tell!) to focus on information for you, not flash.  The goal is to provide a basic understanding of bankruptcy and the debt relief process. The best solution to debt problems begin with information.

There's plenty of misleading or incorrect information on the Net.
For example, what "works" in California will often get you into trouble in Missouri.

Why listen to us?
Well, we have been doing this for a long time.  Experience representing bankruptcy trustees, creditors, small businesses, and mostly people like you.  You can read up on us here, and we encourage you to "check up" in the legal community on anyone you would hire. 

Most problems have a solution.
So if you are facing debt from a failing business, repossessions or foreclosure, overwhelming medical bills, or just too much credit card debt, we can help.  This website can help educate and guide you.

Please feel free to explore.
You will find common situations discussed in the FAQ section and common misunderstandings -- myths -- in the "I Heard That..." section.  We will continue to add information as often as we can.  We also try to update this site as the law evolves and changes -- because knowing where the law is going is as important as knowing where it's been.
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Legal Notices and Disclaimers:  We are a debt relief agency proudly assisting consumers in filing bankruptcy.  However, this website should not be used as legal advice for your specific situation -- that's dangerous to your legal rights and property.  Your legal issues are unique to you so please only use this site for education.  It does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and us.  You should consult with a bankruptcy attorney licensed to practice in your state.  If you don't live in Missouri, please check our Links page for attorneys near you.  Thank you!
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